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Revenue Projection & Tracking Calculator

Revenue Projection & Tracking Calculator

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Many designers can't afford to start with a business coach and an amazing CPA to guide their business practices and income goals. And without those goals you're less likely to create the business strategies to reach them. That's why we designed the Revenue Projection & Tracking Calculator to help interior designers unlock their full revenue and profit potential with ease and precision.

This interactive Google Sheet is specifically tailored to empower designers to understand their unique revenue sources. You'll explore your desired annual salary goal, assess your annual business expenses, and create a product markup and profit strategy. This is designed to serve you year after year as your business grows so you can focus on all your revenue streams including: design fees, product markup, consultations, or affiliate income. As you revisit this document on a regular basis during your quarterly business reviews you can review and assess your expense categories and your progress toward your income goals. 

We've made it easy to understand these accounting and goal setting practices even if you've never done these exercises before because we know how important it is to take control of your own profitability to drive your success.

Once you've made your purchase, you'll receive a PDF download that links directly to the Google Sheet.

This product was formerly part of the 'A Self-Guided Business Retreat' in our old shop. The content of this product is the same as the previous version, but now you're able to purchase our End of Year Business Review separately.

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