Frequently Asked Questions

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What's your Return Policy?

Once a purchase has been made, and the product package has been delivered to you, you will not be able to cancel your purchase, and no refunds will be issued by Hot Young Designers Club.

Can I convert files from Google Sheets to Excel?

We don't recommend converting Google Sheet files to Excel or other programs since they cannot maintain their format and functionality.

Loyal Hotties on Patreon

What is Loyal Hotties?

Loyal Hotties is an exclusive membership community for Interior Designers that provides access to additional episodes of Hot Young Designers Club and access to live monthly Hottie Hangout mastermind sessions with fellow interior designers. Learn more at

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a community platform that allows creators to offer membership and subscription services to their fans and supporters.

Who can join Loyal Hotties?

Loyal Hotties is the perfect place for designers or design students to discuss the realities of running a design firm. We also have members who are interested in moving into the design industry and this is their way of learning the pros and cons before they make the leap.

What are Hottie Hangouts?

Hottie Hangouts are live monthly mastermind sessions on Zoom. It's an opportunity to meet in realtime with other Loyal Hotties to discuss the challenges and experiences we share as designers. Sometimes we have a planned topic, but we ALWAYS set aside time for Q&A and discussion with each other.

What's in the exclusive episodes?

We're pretty open on the podcast, but Patreon let's us be even more unedited and unfiltered. It's like talking to your closest friends after everyone else left the party - that's when you know the real tea is getting spilled.

We also get to share our screens here since it's video content so we can share our tools, processes, and business documents for everyone to learn from.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, there's no commitment or obligation to stay in our Loyal Hotties. Patreon allows you to cancel your membership at any time. Your membership fee is charged monthly on your anniversary date so be sure to enjoy any content before you lose access after cancellation.