Are you ignoring your biggest lead generator?

Your ideal clients are already finding inspiration on Pinterest, now it's time for you to find them.

There are over 450,000 active monthly users on Pinterest, and nearly half of them earn an income over $100,000. Your ideal clients are already there and waiting for you to using your portfolio and blog to connect with them. As a designer you're uniquely positions to use your portfolio photos to capture a Pinterest user's interest and drive them to your website, blog, and social platforms. This is how you're going to build your pipeline of future projects!

Let's build a strategy for your portfolio and blog posts.

This isn't WHY you need to use Pinterest, this is HOW to build your marketing strategy step-by-step.

This course is designed to help interior designers utilize Pinterest to its full potential, from creating inspiring boards, to project promotion, and engaging with new clients. Learn the ins and outs of Pinterest, gain insights into using it effectively, and watch your design projects flourish in the digital world.

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Gain access to both recorded sessions of the course, the course workbooks, and 60+ minutes of Q&A from designers.

Meet your Pinterest expert

We've partnered with Leah Reinert to offer this powerful masterclass just for interior designers. Leah Reinert's full-service Pinterest marketing agency has helped dozens of firms create and build their brand visibility to generate leads on Pinterest. Leah understands how uniquely suited interior designers are to build their presence with their arsenal of visually engaging ideas and professional photography.

  • Build your skills

    You'll learn how to create eye-catching pins, save time with pin scheduling, and employ trending topics to make the most of your content. Everything is designed to help you enhance your skills no matter what your experience level with Pinterest is.

  • Get strategic

    The planning tools will help you develop a Pinterest strategy that gets your pins in front of the right people at the right time. The key to more leads is to drive more traffic and build a strong brand presence that resonates with your audience.

  • Scale & grow

    Each module includes a workbook guide with step-by-step instructions to build your new processes. They're filled with practical how-to guides that you'll be able to implement at your own pace.

Series Overview

This two-part Masterclass is designed for interior designers of all levels to build repeatable and achievable Pinterest strategies that are proven to get more eyes on your brand, increase website traffic, and generate more leads. Each of the recorded sessions allows you to work at your own pace with easy to follow steps using Pinterest's tools and resources to create higher and longer performing pins. This isn't fluff, you'll be focused on actionable processes that you can implement immediately.

Once you purchase the course you'll gain access to the video sessions and your PDF workbooks with step-by-step guides you can continue to use for your marketing strategies.

  • Module 1: Optimizing Your Pinterest Process

    Module One will build a strong foundation for you as you establish up a proper Pinterest business profile and learn how to craft pin descriptions that perform while weaving in the right keywords to give your pins longevity.

    • 60+ minutes of recorded video instruction with Leah Reinert
    • 30+ minutes of recorded Q&A from other interior designers
    • 40+ page PDF workbook with step-by-step instruction
    • Presentation Slides PDF to refer to after the recorded session
  • Module 2: Enhancing Your Pinterest Strategies

    In Module Two, you'll take it up a notch by learning how to create effective pins, use pin design varations, save time with scheduling, and using Pinterest's built-in trend-spotting techniques and analytics for your content planning.

    • 60+ minutes of recorded video instruction with Leah Reinert
    • 30+ minutes of recorded Q&A from other interior designers
    • 40+ page PDF workbook with step-by-step instruction
    • Presentation Slides PDF to refer to after the recorded session

Ready to pin like a pro?

Gain access to both recorded sessions of the course,
the course workbooks, and 60+ minutes of Q&A from designers.


How often can I listen to the recorded sessions?

As much as you want! Simply log in and you'll be able to access the replay and course content on demand.

But I'm already so busy, how do I do this too?

Everything is designed for you to make progress at your own pace because we know you’re busy! You can take your time, learn, and re-watch the lessons as many times as you need.

I'm pretty new to Pinterest, will this help me?

We built this course for designers of all experience levels. Even if you've never used the platform, we'll ensure you have the confidence and support to learn and apply the teaching for your content. And we're providing more resources for you to grow into as your business grows and scales.

Will I be able to execute all of this?

The course gives you actionable steps with detailed instructions so you, or a member of your team, can optimize your Pinterest strategies. You'll have processes and steps to make it easy to implement whether you have one project or dozens to share on Pinterest!

Can I get more local business on Pinterest?

Yes! There are several strategies we share that can help you target potential local clients on Pinterest. These are discussed during Module 2 of the masterclass.

Can I use my Loyal Hottie Patreon Membership Discount for this?

No, your Patreon member discount cannot be used on Hottie Homeroom products like the Pinterest course. Your discount can still be used on other products in our shop.

Do I need a blog?

Yes and no. In order to create optimized pins that will perform welll on Pinterest you'll need a website with a variety of pages to guide visitors. It doesn’t have to be a blog, but blogs are one of the best options that help drive loyal visitors and search engine optimized pages. You can also use your contact page, a free opt-in, your services page, or your portfolio.

Will this replace the work I do in Instagram?

No, Pinterest is part of a holistic marketing strategy for most designers. This is about adding potential clients to your lead funnel in addition to your other leads from places like Facebook, Instagram, or word of mouth. 

I don't have a big portfolio. Is it okay to share work that's not my own on Pinterest?

That’s exactly what Pinterest is for! Curate your look and style without worrying about Instagram etiquette. You’re not trying to pass this work off as your own on Pinterest and it’s not as confusing as it is on platforms like Instagram.

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Pinterest for Interior Designers Masterclass

Pinterest for Interior Designers Masterclass

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