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A Self-Guided Business Retreat for Interior Designers

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Our comprehensive end-of-year Business Retreat Workbook covers the Practical, Emotional, Financial & Growth areas of your company. Includes an Annual Revenue Calculator.

What You'll Get:
  • 10 page Business Retreat PDF
  • 3 Tab Annual Revenue Calculator
  • 12-month income and expense tracker
  • Annual salary planner
  • Markup revenue generation
  • Practical goal setting
  • Financial planning
  • Growth strategizing
  • Action items for the next year


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You will get a PDF (85KB) file

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Bethany J.

Verified Buyer

6 months ago

Self-Guided Business Retreat Download - Highly Recommend!

This was such a great resource to help guide me through a my end-of-year business review. Loved all of the thoughtful and thorough questions. I used a large portion of the resource to build out the agenda for my team's annual "Year-In-Review" meeting. Thanks Shaun and Rebecca for creating and sharing!

Alison H.

7 months ago

This jumpstarted my end of year review

This was perfect for getting my mentally prepared to do my year end wrap up. I saved to revisit annually!


Verified Buyer

7 months ago

So good!!!

I really enjoyed this!!! Although I couldn’t break away to a different location to complete, I scheduled some early mornings where I could quietly work through the packet. I loved how the categories were broken up, and really gave me a chance to focus on one portion of my business at a time without getting distracted. I thought it was very insightful, & gave me a lot of actionable steps to take. (Like unfollowing unhealthy comparisons on social media 😉). The financial portion was a great way to take a look at my numbers in a different way, and actually made it easier to communicate them to other people & clearly see a pathway to my goals. Thanks Shaun & Rebecca!!!

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